Georges Seurat (December 2, 1859 – March 29, 1891)

Georges Seurat was a painter, best known for his unique take on painting. This well-established painter developed a painting style known as the pointillist painting method otherwise known as neo-impressionist or divisionism technique. The method involves making precise dot-like strokes so as to attain a clean finish. Georges had mastered this technique enabling him to create some of the world’s masterpieces. Within his late twenties, Georges had become a well-known artist by painting outstanding pieces.

Life story

Georges Seurat was born on the second day of December 1859 in Paris, France. His father was a prominent man known as Chrysostome Antoine Seurat while his mother, Ernestine Faivre has a family background in artistry. Georges’ passion for art was natured by his uncle, Paul from a young age. Although an armature, Paul was a source of encouragement for Georges to perfect on his talent.

In 1875, Georges took the first step to a successful painting career. He enrolled into a local art school where he began to grow his talent. At the time, his instructor was a sculptor known as Justin Lequien. His need to learn more led him to enroll into yet another art school. In 1878 and the year following that, Georges was enrolled at the infamous Ecole des Beaux art school in Paris. His trainer was Henri Lehmann. After two successful years in this institution, Georges decided to go out on his own. He studied and practiced his painting by himself. In April 1879, he made his first ever visit to the 4th Impressionist Exhibition.

The exhibition inspired him to take up the divisionism technique in his paintings. It was at this time where he learnt the effect of colors on the average viewer. He used the color theory adopted from works by Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro.

In 1883, Georges submitted his first work. Unfortunately, the jury at the time rejected his submission. This infuriated Georges. He, together with a few other artists came together and decided to for their own group. This group was christened Societe des Artistes Independents. This enabled him to exhibit any of his pieces without having strict rules and without any restriction.

In 1889, Georges visited Belgium where he exhibited some of his works. On coming back to France, he met a lovely 20 year old model by the name Madeleine Knobloch. They lived together in secrecy until the lady put to be their first son. This was in February 1890. In 1891, Madeleine put to bet their second son who later passed away.

At the age of 31, Seurat had achieved what many artists would only hope to achieve. The painting technique of Georges Seurat was an unrivalled approach. It called not only to scholars, but also to art lovers across the globe. His artistic approach to the use of color portrayed a contemporary style that inspired many artists after him. You may not have heard much about Gorges Seurat. However, if you go looking for unique and quality pieces amongst the contemporary paintings, you are bound to see quite a few belonging to Georges.

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